Holidays with Drum and Bell!

I jumped over the cliff without looking and asked, “And your heart wasn’t with your girl either?”

He gulped his coffee. “No. We fought because I wanted something else. I wanted someone more like…” He took another huge gulp of coffee. Speaking into the huge mug amplified his words. “More like you.”The blush rose in his cheeks.

Breathing coffee, not air , proved not to be the best thing. Coughing ensued, and by coughing, I really mean I was spitting it up as I laughed. Then I made the biggest faux pas. I couldn’t believe there was still coffee left in me, but the next thing I knew it was all over his chest . My face was bright red from the coughing jag and the blush of embarrassment. Foam was everywhere, mostly dripping from my nose, and if his shirt was any indication of what I looked like, I’m pretty sure I looked like a mess.

“Oh my god, Jeff… you…” Jonah ran to the counter and got a cup of water. He also brought some napkins, which he threw at me, and grabbed at my coffee. It was hot and slipped out of his hand, slamming onto the sofa, exploding between us. We were now both covered in latte foam. It was horrendous.