Holidays with Drum and Bell!

matthias coverblueAbout six months ago, I decided to participate in the GoodReads M/M Romance Groups, Love's Landscapes.  In the process, I met some great and amazing people who helped me work a couple stories into better stories.  And I resisted on one of them, and can see how spending a little bit more time could have produced an even better story.

A couple months after that, I was approached by one of my beta readers, who offered me the opportunity to write a short story for the holidays.  It turns out she's the owner of Beaten Track Publishing.  She liked my writing style, said it was fresh and new.  We often joked that we wrote relationship fiction.  That story I was asked to write ended up in Beaten Track's book, Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology. The anthology has 23 short stories by 24 authors and the proceeds from the sale of the anthology were donated to The Trevor Project.

Starting December 1st, you can purchase Holidays with Drum and Bell! as a stand alone story.  It is my first stand alone.  I owe a lot to Debbie McGowan.  For believing in me, for pushing me, for having faith in an unknown writer.  It's been a wild adventure, and I am looking forward to where this story takes me.  I've got an outline to turn this short into a novel, and there are many other stories in the works.

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